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Sunday, December 21, 2008

We're getting BIGGER! :) 19 weeks 4 days old...

Sorry, these have to be my worst "pictures of pictures" ever....I'll try to redo them and make them more "visually appealing!" But for now, here are the Bunch Babies' most recent mug shots! They are 19 weeks and 4 days old in these pictures! Oh and good news everyone! The 3rd crib is in transit and should be here no later than Wed. December 23rd! Hooray!

This is my hand! "Give me five!"
This is Colton's profile..hard to make out, I know....his head is at the bottom right!

He's the one on the right...That's someone else's head on the left...and someone else's something above! I'm telling you, it's a mixed bag of baby parts in there! Hard to tell what belongs to whom sometimes!

I love this picture! She's on her back with her feet in the air, pointing with both hands down towards her....well, you know. Almost as if to say, "LOOK! I'm a GIRL!"

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Anonymous said...


(I have to confess…I was really tired when I read this post and my first thought when I saw Hunter’s BEAUTIFUL name was “Ohhh, that boy is gonna get beaten up a lot. That sounds like a GIRL’S name!” Needless to say, a moment later the PINK sank in and I caught up with reality!!!)

Welcome my friend to the stay at home mom club!

I usually host coffee at my house on the first day back at school. Some of us dance (that would be me), some cry (I won’t rat them out…) and we all have a lovely morning. You are officially invited!!!!!

Amy K.

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