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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Good-Bye blue tape...Hello Cribs!

So this weekend was MOST exciting for me! (And a little bit frustrating..but we'll get to that!) So first of all, in our failed attempt to trade in Brian's truck for a more, shall we say, "Triplet-Friendly" vehicle, we found ourselves literally a stone's throw from the big Babies R' Us! Well, you know I couldn't pass that up! Plus, I needed to take a second, less-exhausted look at our registry to make sure I hadn't registered for anything pink or anything I really don't need. So...I decided for the first time in my life, that finally, I had earned the right to park in the "Expectant Mother" parking! Yay! (Mom, I know you would have been as excited as I was!) I'm so dorky, that I even made Brian take a picture of me outside the truck, standing next to the sign! Yes, there were others standing nearby, or watching from their vehicles, but whatever! Almost 4 years, 5 In Vitros and a set of triplets later, I DESERVE TO TAKE MY PICTURE BY THAT SIGN! :) So after my moment of satisfaction with my new sign had passed, we marched INTO the world of babies! Now, I have to give him a lot of credit, because as a husband, in a giant baby store, Brian was genuinely interested in what kinds of things we could possibly need for 3 babies! (However, my fail-proof method of MAINTAINING his interest was to give him the "magic scanner wand" and let him be the "beeper man." Worked like a charm! )

When we finished with that big excursion, back we went to our house to build cribs! Yay! (Ok, well only one of us was building the cribs, the other of us was watching and being moral support.)Guess which one I was?? So as you peruse the pictures, you'll likely find yourself trying to do some very simple math....hmm. 3 babies, 2 cribs...strange! Aahh yes, remember above, the part where I talked about the frustration of the weekend? Ok. Back at Thanksgiving, we were so excited when mom and dad Bunch bought us three cribs! We thought we were being so efficient, saving $153 dollars in shipping by using WalMart's "Site to Store" shipping...(they ship from their warehouse to whatever WalMart we choose, and then we pick them up there!) Pretty convenient right?
Ok, so I got an email saying 2 cribs had arrived, and one had been shipped and was in transit. Super! Well, by the time we got to WalMart, there were only 2 cribs. :( Turns out, they either lost the 3rd crib or it became damaged in transit, so they simply cancelled the 3rd crib. Yes, cancelled. Not called us to see if we'd like a different one, not notified us that one was going to take a little longer. Nope. Simply cancelled the 3rd crib. Well one of us is pretty patient, (ME) and the other of us is less so. (HIM). After waiting what seemed like long enough for the babies to actually be born, Brian heatedly exclaimed, "Look, we didn't order 3 cribs because it seemed like a fun number, we actually NEED 3 CRIBS." So how are we going to fix this??" Well, the short of it is, they had NO CLUE how to fix the problem, how to get us our crib back. So we simply have to reorder it again. Sheesh...Is this why I have avoided Walmart for so many years? Oh well...At least they sell Preemie Clothes!

So below are some pictures of Brian building the 2 cribs....bless him for trudging through it with a splitting headache. At one point, Piper thought we should take his temperature to make sure he wasn't getting the flu. (He wasn't) and then she rolled over so dad could make sure she wasn't getting the flu either! :) (She wasn't). I however, am trying miserably to get over a cold. YUCK!! It's very difficult to be pregnant and be limited as to what you can take to get over a cold! By this point, normally I'd be so drugged up on Theraflu life would seem good regardless! But not this time! Oh well...I still love being pregnant! :)

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