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Friday, October 17, 2008

Cracker Barrel, Shots and New Kids on the Block!

L to R: Nicole, Jill and Mary Bottom Pic: L to R: Ami, Sarah & Anabelle

That would be me, mixing my drugs in the Cracker Barrel! Classy, I know!

And that would be be um...my butt! And a syringe in Anabelle's hand! Aah!

Ok, so if you read the blog entry prior to this one, then you remember the dilemma I was having regarding how to smuggle 1 1/2 inch syringes into the New Kids on the Block Concert so that I could have a shot at 9:30! Well, call us wussies, but we decided that seeing the concert was more important than seeing the Glendale Jail Facilities and so, we opted to do the shot a little early at the Cracker Barrel (where we decided to eat prior to the big show!) Trust me, eating eggs and hashbrown casserole before a 9:30 pm concert , was itself, quite weird. But as it turns out, having 3 friends and yourself in the handicapped stall of a restaurant is definitely weirder! But, we were troopers! Into the stall we marched, closed the door, and thus began our conversation, which undoubtedly, if heard by any other innocent pee-ers would leave no doubt that we were trying to figure out how to do illegal drugs....I believe it went something like this.

Ami: "Ok, Anabelle, do you see the crack?" (I'm referring to my butt crack so as to guide her to the right spot to inject.)
Anabelle: "Yeah, but what are we going to do with the syringe after we're done? Do we leave it here?"
Ami: "No, I'll take it home with me... Just go ahead and shoot me ...Mary, can you hold the vial"
Mary: "Are we throwing this vial away now?"
Ami: "No, put it back in my purse."
Sarah: "Oh crap, it's bleeding."

So you get the idea....sounds like a real drug party! But the good news is, Anabelle did a fantastic job on her second injection ever! I am very proud of her! And the best part was, at 9:30, we could just keep "HANGING TOUGH" with the NKOTB! Woo hoo! So I'm attaching some pictures of the shot fiesta as well as our New Kids Concert pics....I have to say, it was better this year than it was 17 years ago! (Now, on a side note, I'm sorry to disappoint those of you have may have thought I was an angel...(ha ha)...I DO have a tattoo on my butt. It's a Taurus Bull (that's my sign) with a green Cancer symbol between the horns (that's Brian's sign...) So, I'm sorry to frighten you, but I told you back in the picture of the leggings that I knew this blog would somehow become more about my butt than my belly and there you have it! :) I have to say, the tattoo makes an excellent target or "bulls eye" for 50% of my shots! It's the perfect location! Just look past my "bull" and look at the needle in Anabelle's hand!! Much more frightening than the tattoo! :)

1 comment:

Rowan said...

you've definitely put a new spin on "Sex, Drugs & Rock-n-Roll with your pregnancy, progesterone & the New Kids!!!

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