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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Another Day of Beating Hearts!

Here are pictures of (from Top to Bottom) Baby C, Baby B and Baby A!

Another day has come and gone! Another week has come and gone! We're 9 weeks and 1 day today! Another ultrasound provided a spectacular glimpse of our 3 little babies and their strong little heartbeats! They are all growing bigger each day! (A millimeter smaller maybe than they should be, but normal for multiples). The Dr. is very pleased with our progress and is very pleased with how the babies are growing! On the other hand, he is still very concerned and unsure that I can carry three babies. (I tend to want to disagree with him...) I feel like what was a blessing all my life to be petite and small, is now my curse. I would give anything to be as big as he thinks I should be! My heart aches at the thought of not having all three babies...so time will tell. Please continue to pray for our strength and peace of mind with whatever happens....

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