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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Date Night!

I know, I know, those of you who are watching my clock for me, it's late. I see that. But I went on a date tonight! That's right, a date! Just like the millions of times before I had triplets! Gramma and my Auntie Diane watched the babies, (all of which have varying degrees of colds, coughs, sniffles, etc.) Hmm...perhaps I should have saved that little tidbit for the next "Mother Of the Year Monday" post..."mom leaves sick triplets to go on date with husband"....awesome...

Anyway, I knew they were in good hands and frankly, the times when Brian and I can go out and do absolutely anything alone are few and far between these days. So we appreciated the night out! We went to the mall and saw the movie, Couples' Retreat which I realize probably came out last year, but by the time we get to actually go see movies anymore, it's like WAY after the release date and usually found on our "ON DEMAND" channel or more likely from Blockbuster. But I don't care! I still got to have my bag of buttered popcorn (I resisted the sour patch kids), and my giant Coke, so life was good.

Got to spend 2 hours with my husband, got to do some minor people watching at the mall, and we learned a new word from our friend Vince Vaughn, which I'm certain Brian is already trying to weave into his everyday vocabulary in as many places as he possibly can. The word is "ASSTASTIC". Like fantastic, but no fan. Just ass. Asstastic. As fun to spell as it is to say. Go ahead, I challenge you to use it too!
So anyhoo, sorry this post was not very exciting and frankly not very relevant to the babies, but hey, I'm on Day 14, and I was running out of time before the clock strikes midnight and I've blown my National Blog Posting Month Challenge! So if you haven't seen the movie, it's entertaining for sure. No chance it'll win any awards anywhere, but still fun to watch! So anyway, I'm old now. It's 11:00 pm, and way past my bedtime! See you tomorrow!


Anabelle said...

Yes, Asstastic is a great word! My Brian has used it in his everyday life several times now. Gotta love Vince Vaughn!

PS Did you pay for the movie? :)

Ami said...

What do you mean Anabelle? Of course WE paid for it! Isn't that what all people do??

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