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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Busy, but not giving up...I promise!

OMG...I'm getting it from all angles! Where are the updates?? Where are new pictures of the babies? What's new in Bunchkin land? I'M SORRY! I swear the babies know when I'm trying to do an update...there will be peace and quiet until the moment I sit down at the computer and then I have a trio of pterydactyls and velociraptors screaming at me! So just know that I have, in the works, 4 separate blog entries....one for each baby and one for "group" business. But here are a few pics to tide you over! :)

Colton in his carseat

Wearing our crocs!

Turn your head...wearin our camo!


Hanging out on our turtle mat!


Hunter and Colton...she was so upset and he kept looking at her so lovingly and trying to hold her hand. So cute!

Mom playing on the turtle with the babies!

Ethan and Hunter


kershner3 said...

I'm surprised that you have time to even take pictures! I think posting pictures with small captions is just fine:) You are way too busy to be writing long blog entries...If you do have time, you should take it to relax. I'm so glad Alexa and I could meet Hunter, Colton, and Ethan yesterday! You look great and they are so adorable!

Adam and Samantha said...

They are too cute, even when they cry they are just adorable! Babies sure do know when you are trying to do something, with mine, it was always right when I would lay down to go to sleep, every time, with out fail! Don't be sorry for not blogging, you have 3 babies! I don't think I could even think straight much less blog! You are doing a terrific job, your little ones are sooooo lucky to have you as their mommy!

Stephanie said...

Your babies melt my heart! :-)

Bee-Jai said...

Please don't worry about blogging! Worry about taking care of yourself and those little ones. You are still recovering from major surgery and you have THREE newborns! Give yourself a break lady! When can I bring you dinner?

The Smelkers said...

Ok super-mom, instead of worrying about your bunchbaby groupies you should concentrate on learning how to put you to-do list on hold and relax enough to take a nap! You are so FABULOUS at EVERYTHING you do, don't sweat it! Enjoy your tiny, precious babies because believe me, they grow up MUCH too quickly. Make sure living and enjoying each and every moment with them is near the top of your list of important things to do. You also need to be sure taking GOOD care of yourself stays at the top of that list as well! You are an angel!

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